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IS3 is an Innovative & Comprehensive

Social Service Organization 

Our goal is to provide the best quality service, with particular focus on client's individual and organizational needs, evaluation and development. 





Innovative indoor marketing channels designed to connect, inform, inspire, honor and motivate individuals and businesses to succeed and grow together.  

IS3 Radio

International, inspirational music and other content that encourages, honors and inspires us to grow together individually and socially! 

Resource Center

Innovative indoor marketing channels designed specifically for social service organizations.

Business Incubators

Professional office space for individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses who want to develop their talent, ideas, and businesses. Participants benefit from use of the Spotlight Platform as well.

IS3 Connections

Professional meeting place for job seekers and job providers. Individuals looking for a career can post resumes and employers can post job offerings.

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Business and Social Service Development 

Community Needs Assessment and Program Evaluations, Workshops, Training, Education, Mentoring & Counseling

"IS3 provides a positive impact; it is inspirational, motivational, encouraging and honors individuals" 

Residential Property owner in 

Miami Florida, USA 


"Helps businesses grow by connecting host locations 

and great price for value"  

Business owner in Chicago Illinois, USA


"The digital screens and IS3 Radio makes the location more inviting and engaging"  

Commerical & Residential Property owner in Resita, Romania


IS3’s vision is that our platform empowers, inspires and provides opportunity, freedom of ideas, and positive affirmation to others! 

Our mission to connect, inspire, encourage, inform, educate and honor individuals with particular focus on their business ideas, visionary ideas and fine art talents!

We love to empower and forge opportunities to all, while showcasing ideas, businesses and talents to international communities online and offline.

IS3 Evaluation of Mission, Vision, Platform and Network

IS3 Spotlight, IS3 Radio, IS3 Resource Center and our International Businesses Incubators 

Connects and Inspires Individuals, Businesses and Organizations to Grow Together Internationally!









New York