IS3’s vision is that our platform empowers, inspires and provides opportunity, freedom of ideas, and positive affirmation to others!

We love to connect, inspire, encourage, inform, educate and honor individuals with particular focus on their business and visionary ideas and fine art talents!

We love to empower and forge opportunities to all, while showcasing ideas, businesses and talents to international communities online and offline.

What we love about IS3 is that our platform, in many cases, becomes the catalyst for positive change in our host locations through speaking life into our host locations daily. This creates a lasting effect on development that spills over in other areas.


IS3's Executive Board

Our executive board loves connecting and inspiring others to grow!

Marius Dancea, Ph.D, MSW

Founder & CEO

[email protected]

Marius Dancea is an experienced founder, CEO and instructor with a demonstrated history of working with properties, businesses, faith-based organizations, social service organizations and in the higher education industry. 

Skilled in for profit and nonprofit inception of concept, organizational development, budgeting, staff development, growth strategy and sustainable development. Also skilled in real estate development activities that increases income and improves property value with market niches.

Marius has created an enterprise development model that includes components such as business development, marketing, training, education, counseling, mentoring, savings and financing to help individuals and businesses grow from the ground up!

Amanda Dancea, BA, CBA, CCIS

Amanda Dancea is an experienced director and program coordinator with business development, staff development expertise. Amanda has been part of the inception and development of and 

Amanda brings invaluable practical and theoretical knowledge, strategy, and vision in directing and coordinating programs and initiatives. She has been part of property, business, organizational development for many years. 

Amanda's background in accounting, financing, data analytic and business development skills will add immeasurable value to IS3 moving forward.

Javnyuy Joybert

Director of Enterprise Development & Strategy

[email protected] 

Javnyuy Joybert is an empowerment strategist, enterprise development & corporate trainer/consultant and a serial social entrepreneur with key interests in education, microfinance, recruitment and technology. 

Javnyuy is the founder & CEO of COSDEF Group Social Innovation Enterprise with 4 subsidiaries namely The Centre for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa, Wikajobs Career Management Firm, COSDEF Mobile Microfinance, SkillStudy (E-Learning). Javnyuy holds many awards and honors for his service in his comminutes and beyond

Please visit

Javnyuy brings great strategy, insight, theoretical and practical underpinnings of enterprise development. He will lead the business and tech development teams in Cameroon Africa.

Scott Herman, MSW, BASW

Director of Education & Organization Development

[email protected]

Scott Herman is experienced in social work including elderly care and education. Scott has a  large passion for helping others on national and international levels as evidenced by his consistent growth in cultural competence, linguistic abilities, knowledge and respect of cultures, religions and groups worldwide.  

Through Scott's educational and professional background across the spectrum of social work, he is able to relate to cultures on many levels. Scott speaks Spanish fluently and speaks moderately in 20 languages.  

Scott brings his passion for cultures, education and organizational development along with his theoretical and practical knowledge of organizational systems which are critical in the execution of our mission and vision.

Danielle Fultz, BA, CADC

Director of Counseling & Enterprise Development

[email protected]

Danielle Fultz is an experienced counselor and business professional with a demonstrated history in organizational management and organizational and clinical programming. Danielle has also been part of the development of and

Danielle holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts focused in Applied Behavioral Science from National Louis University.

Danielle's professional background in behavioral assessment and evaluation  adds value at the individual and organizational levels.

Noel Perez 

Director of Training  & Enterprise Development

[email protected]

Noel Perez is an experienced trainer and business to enterprise developer. He has also worked to develop and

along with IS3. 

Noel also has many years of fitness training experience and other development activities that enhance physical and metal health.

Noel brings invaluable passion, work ethic, training and other skills to our mission and vision.

IS3's Advisory Board

Our advisory board loves to connect and inspire others!

Luis Ortiz, MA

Chair of Advisory Board

Luis Ortiz is a pillar in social work and in the communities he has been serving during his journey. After graduating from Northeastern IL University and obtaining an MA, Luis  wholeheartedly served others by working with organizations such as The Red Cross.

He also helped start businesses  in Chicago and beyond. Luis has helped thousands of individuals as an advisor and instructor in the social work program at Northeastern IL University and in the communities he has served. He holds several honors and awards for his service to students and communities.


Luis brings invaluable theoretical and practical experience, evaluation,  strategy and other invaluable development skills in helping others grow! 

We look forward to working together to connect and inspire individuals and communities together. 

Lorenzo Santos

Co-Chair of Advisory Board

Lorenzo Santos is a pillar in social media  and online media channels and organizations. Lorenzo is a graduate of the Service Academy Preparation program at Marion Military Institute and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy. He  has formerly served as a Division Officer aboard the USS Oscar Austin (DDG 79). Lorenzo is also the founder of 

Lorenzo brings immeasurable insight, media structure and knowledge, strategy and other development skills that are impertinent in enhancing the mission and vision of IS3.

We look forward to  working together helping others grow as he has in the industries and communities Lorenzo served for years.

IS3 would love to have a conversation with those that would like to help individuals and businesses grow. IS3 will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations.

With a niche platform and a variety of services and production options to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

We hope to see you again!

To join our staff, please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected] 


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