At IS3, we are focused on providing new, comprehensive and innovative

property, business and social service development services 

with competitive rates that offer the highest levels of satisfaction.

     IS3 Spotlight and Resource Center is an indoor visual platform that inspires, encourages and motivates our host locations (properties, businesses and social service organizations) while promoting their own services to our host partners nationally and internationally.  

Our platform started in a 38 unit building in the Little Village Community of Chicago. Now, IS3 is growing nationally and internationally and our platform is translated into other languages such as Romanian, Spanish and Italian.  

What we love most about IS3 is that our platform, in many cases our platform becomes the catalyst for positive change in our host locations that remains there every day, and thus speaks life in our host locations daily, which creates a lasting effect on development that spills over in other areas. IS3 would love to have a conversation with those that would like to help individuals and businesses grow in love and awareness of each other and their businesses! 

IS3 will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Staff:

Marius Dancea Ph.D, MSW

[email protected]

Amanda Dancea BA, CBA, CCIS

[email protected]

Danielle Fultz BA, CADC

[email protected]

Nicu Moica

[email protected]

Junior Mendez

[email protected]

Maya Mendez

[email protected]

Noel Perez

[email protected]

Juan Montelongo

[email protected]

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