Inspirational Journeys 

showcases the journeys of individuals 

that have overcome many barriers

 to be able to inspire, encourage, motivate 

and build up others from the ground up!

These journeys will be part of our documentary titled Ground up!

Each individual spotlight will focus on these areas:

Tell us your journey/ background/story. 

What do you love about your journey? 

What would you change about your journey? 

What legacy do you want to leave to other generations? 

These videos will be featured here

A trailer will be seen on our digital platform and network comprised of

 host locations, social media and IS3 Radio

The following journeys will be featured soon:

Luis Ortiz 

Jeff Keim - CEO and Quantum Leap Coach 

Cory Warfield - Inspirational Journey 

Lorenzo Santos - Inspirational Journey 

Anton Chumak Andryakov - Inspirational Journey

Linda Tilson - Inspirational Journey

Ioana Salajanu - Inspirational Journey 

Brett Weiss - Inspirational Journey 

Adrian's and Marie Helen's Journeys 

Vlad Faraon - Inspirational Journey