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  IS3 Spotlight, IS3 Radio, IS3 Resource Center 

and our International Businesses Incubators

Connects and Inspires Individuals, 

Businesses and Organizations to Grow Together Internationally!

IS3 International Inspirational Radio

IS3 Radio connects and inspires our host locations and beyond! 

 IS3 Radio focuses on international inspirational music to give international artists a platform to showcase their music along with other inspirational and encouraging content that motivates and inspires us to grow together!

Click to Listen to IS3 Radio with playlist on SoundCloud 

IS3 Spotlight, IS3 Radio and IS3 Resource Center provides commercial and residential properties, businesses and organizations development services including innovative visual and audio indoor marketing channels that reach local , national and international markets. All our host locations have indoor digital screens and IS3 Radio that connects, informs, encourages, inspires, honors and motivates individuals and businesses to succeed and grow together. 

IS3 connects and speaks life into our host locations and beyond. We connect by producing a video and audio content of their services and then we distribute that content to ALL our host locations via our digital and audio platform. We speak life into our host locations by having international and inspirational music and other positive encouraging and motivating content for our viewers eyes and ears!  

What we love most about IS3, is that in many cases, our platform becomes the catalyst for positive change in our host locations, that remains there everyday, and thus speaks life in our host locations daily, which creates a lasting effect of development that spills over in other areas of their business/organization. 


Our platform is translated into other languages 

such as Romanian, Spanish and Italian. 


Please view our new inspiring  platform of 

Kedvale Systems LLC  

in the Little Village Community in Chicago.

This is where our platform began about 2 years ago with 2 digital screens. 

We now have 52 screens internationally!



IS3 will showcase

ideas/entrepreneurs and talents/rising stars

from our international business incubators

on Spotlight soon!


IS3 is sponsoring Jesus Grace Ministries, who provides hope from the ground up 

to so many in South India

IS3 is sponsoring the Weiss Scholarship Foundation who provides 

hope to children in Kenya 

"Dr. Gill is one of the top leading physician for 

prostate cancer treatment in the world! He operated on my father in late January of 2018. We are blessed to announce that my father is now doing well! Thank you God and Dr. Gill for working together to save my father!" 

Marius Dancea Ph.D, MSW, Founder & CEO of IS3 

Please view our platform of the

Historic Heyburn Building LLC in 

Downtown Louisville Kentucky


Coming Soon

Our next 7 new host locations in Chicago are: 

La Voz Hispana Music School 

Girasoles Banquet Hall

Atlantic Professional Center

Villarreal Real Estate

Best Rate Insurance

Community Yeshua

Little Angels Paradise Day Care 


 First, IS3 Spotlight will produce an affordable comprehensive video of your business/organization

Next, IS3 Spotlight will install a digital screen(s) at your location at no cost to the business/organization  


Then, IS3 will run your video in ALL our host locations on our platform which includes:

commercial and residential apartment buildings

restaurants, social service and faith based organizations and

other businesses in local,  national and international markets 


Our platform reaches over 110,000

of local and international

indoor and walking  viewers per day.

We currently have 52 indoor screens within 4 cities internationally and growing to others.  

Our platform reaches: 

 238 apartments 

82 businesses

22 social service organizations 

These are our platform locations in Chicago:

3565-67 W. Lyndale  

Lyndale Systems Apartments

1417-23 W. Elmdale

Elmdale Apartments 

4126-34 W. 24th Place

Kedvale Systems Apartments

3416-18 W. Palmer

Palmer Apartments

3512 N. Pulaski

Complete Cleaning Systems

Chicago Social Services Systems

International Social Service Systems

GMD systems

3639 W. Fullerton

Yu Hardware

3503 W. Fullerton

Marcelas Café

4436 W. Fullerton

Best Rate Insurance

6614 S. Halsted

Eva Mae Recovery Hope

4224 W. Belmont

Little Angels Paradise Day Care

626 E. 71th streett

Renewed Hope Community Center

4722-24 S. Ingleside

Ingleside Manor Apartments

2200 N. Kimball 

Punta Cana Restaurant

2514 N. Laramie

La Voz Hispana Music School

2516 N. Laramie

Girasoles Banquet Hall

4329 W. 26th street

Pepe's Hardware

3948 W. 26 th Street

Atlantic Professional Center

3934 W. 26 th Street

Villarreal Real Estate

2301 N. Kenneth

Communidad Yeshua


  Our platform reaches

92 apartments in Miami 

605 N.W. 177 St

Miami D Properties

Our platform also reaches:  

Historic Heyburn Building  

Downtown Louisville, Kentucky

Strada Libertatii Property 

Downtown Resita Romania

Calea Timisoarei Property 

Resita Romania


Why Display your business on IS3 Spotlight?

Reach your customers by commercial


Highly visible  

Encouraging & motivational 

Tailored made for your business needs

Growing internationally



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